Knight Vision

High standards and continuous improvement – these are the hallmarks of the CCK culture.
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Thrive Environment

CCK takes an interdisciplinary approach to human development through hockey. We bring together great players and families in an uplifting environment that is underpinned by quality instruction. Our goal is to deliver a meaningful hockey experience that resonates beyond the rink for many years to come.

Enduring Connections

We recognize that player synergy is a crucial component of success. CCK is committed to working with athletes over time as they build friendships and chemistry with their teammates. By starting our process early with a core group we can enhance potential as well as the overall experience.

Dynamic Growth

Since our inception, CCK has fostered strategic relationships with local hockey leaders who provide impactful instruction and mentorship both on and off the ice. Be it during practice or through game play, we seek to unlock the potential inside every player.

Strategic Progress

We seize opportunities to challenge players while building fundamental life and athletic skills. Our innovative programming supports CCK’s youngest players to learn new concepts and champion habits. Older age divisions benefit from exposure to a broader group of professional coaches who expand their training beyond skills to include mental training, leadership development and post secondary hockey stream exposure. We believe that by seeing what it takes, players develop a deeper understanding that can improve their own behaviours and routines.

Clear Benefit

Our programs are cost based. All fees and fundraising revenues are channelled to CCK content that directly benefits the players. We are extremely proud to offer elite level programming at cost. For us it’s about creating value for players while delivering an unparalleled program.

Exceptional Opportunity

Not only does CCK offer the best long-term development path in the Capital Region, as an Edmonton-based not-for-profit organization, we are the premier Hockey Super League franchise with unrestricted access to conveniently timed ice at City facilities. CCK families spend less time commuting to rinks in other communities for practices and benefit from knowing their entire winter training and game schedule well in advance. This allows families to plan their busy winter schedules around all of their children during the summer and seamlessly integrate other important activities. No more unknown or changing hockey schedules throughout the season!