• Hone


    Spark change with professional instruction and development.

  • Compete


    Elevate your game in an unmatched environment.

  • Repeat


    Effectively channel effort, dedication and determination.


Founded in 2018, CCK is an Edmonton-based, not-for-profit youth hockey organization. We are proud to be part of the Hockey Super League and committed to long-term player development. Our wholistic continuous player growth model includes:
  • Professional Skill Development
  • Dryland Training – strength, conditioning, yoga
  • Mental Fitness
  • Leadership Guidance
  • Student Athlete Exposure

Current Opportunities

  • Prep Camp Registration
  • 2011 elite/gold Goalie
  • 2010 and 2008 AA Defensemen

CCK Store

We don’t sell swords or armour but we’ve sourced some great merch items for players, families and CCK fanatics!

CCK Prep Camps

Exceptional programming for players looking to excel.

Home Ice Advantage

CCK is fortunate to have age appropriate ice provided through the City of Edmonton allocation process. This means that local players and families have access to our publicly funded facilities and are generally not required to travel outside the city to access practice facilities. This saves time and money.